The Bachelor Season 22 Episode 2

Ohhhhh whats up. BACHELOR IS WHAT IS UP!

Lets jump straight into the dates. Starting with the first one on one which is for Becca K. And all the girls are now mad at Becca K. because she got the first one on one and they all wanted the one on one date. I can recap this date really fast for you. Arie picked her up on a motorcycle and all the girls watched him zip her jacket, put on her helmet, and then ride off into the sun (it was like noon... no set yet) with her arms wrapped tight around him. Ouch, ladies. Oh wait... there is more. Then he drives her to secluded house where she meets Rachel Zoe, has a fitting with her, gets to take home all the dresses, gets some Louboutins, and some Neal Lane gems.


And then between that magic and dinner - she goes back to the mansion and shows all the girls her spoils. She says something to the effect of she was nervous to come home because of all her gifts and some of them were like "ohhh - no girl, why?" And I am like... liar. Because I would be mad. So I know you are. After that is a dinner and confetti and kissing. And Becca K. gets a rose!

Back at the house another date card arrives. And surprise, surprise... it is not the group date. IT IS ANOTHER ONE ON ONE. All about going home or something. To Krystal. Basically what happens is she gets to ride a private jet with Arie to Scottsdale to see his home and meet his family. I can't focus too much on everything at Arie's because all I can notice is how color coordinated his closet is and how many shirts he has of the same color. Like lots of black, grey, and white - all organized.


Krystal thinks it is very special to go home, but I think Arie needed to go pick up his dog but also needed to have a one on one so he was like... hm, send me the fitness instructor! Also... if Krystal says "smitten like a kitten" one more time... girl. Ya done. Don't love her. She draws out her words. I can't. However. Arie can and he gives her a rose after she shares some really private and personal matters.

Alright. Here. Comes. The Group. Date. Demolition Derby with 15 ladies. It kicks off with a mental break down from Annalise because she had a traumatic bumper car experience in her youth. And then Jenny is really mean and just is mean and THESE GIRLS ARE MEAN THIS YEAR! WHAT THE HECK? But then the derby starts and me thinks it is a ploy about Annalise because she is destroying these girls. However, Sienne wins. Arie makes her drink milk. And then she talks about how happy her Dad will be for her.


That night at the cocktail party the girls are all chatting with Arie. Chelsea lets him know she is a Mom. Becca has a really heavy makeup sash. And Bibiana loses her CRAP and storms out yelling the eff bomb. Girls keep cutting her off. No way. This will not happen. Okay. But it did. Time for the group date rose - Arie starts off by saying Chelsea and then switches to Sienne and Chelsea looks not pleased. But Sienne snags it!

Cocktail party time! Let's do this thing. Basically anything else that happened I forgot about because Krystal who ALREADY HAS A ROSE cuts off two girls. That is right. TWO. Because she wants more time with him. And Maquel lets it slide.. my girl Bib does not. She, once again, loses her shiiiiiiii, but this time on Krystal. "When I am talking to my man back the effffff up!"


And then they had to stand by each other at the rose ceremony. The expected get roses - you know, the ones we can actually remembering seeing at least once before. Even the taxidermist gets one. The final rose goes to Thug Bibi and Krystal you BEST WATCH OUT. I am sure those two will have the two on one.

Lauren Count: Two up, two down,

The Roseless: Lauren G., Jenny, Valerie

Best Dressed: Maquel and Marik

Best Quotes of the Night:

"I barely graduated high school and worked at Pizza Hut." - Arie, talking about how impressed he is with an Ivy League graduate

"Your eyes, like, suck people in...I think." — Becca K., super romantic my friends

"He literally picked a taxidermist over me." — Jenny, leaving roseless

Okay. The best part of the whole night is when Jenny is excused and she refuses to hug Arie so he goes to talk to her and she says, "I'm not sad about you, I am just sad to leave my friends." I died. She was trying to hard to hurt his feelings and it just did not work. And then she says that this is her first time being dumped. Man, Jenny. Life is hard.

That's it for this week! You can catch my thoughts live on IG stores @deidreemme. Next week I will be able to finally solidify some friends. But right now I am leaning towards Tia and Becca K. Who are you loving? What did you think of this week?

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