The Bachelor Season 22 Episode 1

This episode went a whole lot faster than I was expecting. Possibly because the slowest part of the first episode I skipped while we argued over where the girls would watch The Bach and the boys would watch the game. And by argued I mean the guys lovingly gave us the TV with better reception. 


So I skipped the Arie montage and started the episode right when Arie was stepping out the limo to see Chris before the ladies arrived. Adam wants you all to know he thinks Arie is Benjamin Button. When I asked why he said, "Cuz he looks like he is an old man in a little kids body." I disagree. But now you know how Adam feels. It is important to validate Adam when he shows interest in Bachelor outside of talking about how they are all there just for IG fame. 

I would give you a play by play of all the women coming out of the limo, but they didn't spend as much time here as normal. They focused a lot on the girls watching the other girls and making fun of them. Instantly proving while this might not be the most dramatic season it will def be the most catty season. These girls are MEAN.


Best intros go to Bekah with the mustang and Maquel with the race car and Annasomething or another for the kissing bandit reference. Worst intros go to all the girls that talked about weiners and other awkward sexual things - like Amber and her spray tan business seeing lots of junk. 

Now we are in for the toast and the very first pull away - Chelsea (or as I will refer to her as Olivia 2.0) snags that villain title fast. Partially for grabbing him before his toast was done, partially for then coming back and talking trash on the girls that interrupted her, and then throw in the fact that later the night she goes in for round two of chatting before round one even finished. Girl. You got this in the bag. These girls are aggressive!!! Oh. And she snagged the First Impression Rose. Which means she def is following in her clone's way - grab the rose, target on the back, make the girls hate you, be stranded on a desert island. 


Things to note about this year's contestants. They started with 29 which is a weird number to me. There are four Laurens. Bekah's age is the only one not showing. There aren't as many weird jobs as normal. Everything that girls can think of to say or surprises will probably revolve around race cars - that is the trend so far. Raven's friend Tia who looks like Jojo is on the show. Gotta keep it in the family. Arie seems to be in favor of blondes based on his "wow" while every single one walked away.


Rose ceremony time. Quick and to the point while I am trying to learn everyone's names. There were tons of surprises for me. I really felt like he would pick more of the girls with blonde hair and drive but it appears ABC went the diversity route and he kept lots of real estate agents. He is probably picturing the power couple they could be selling houses with a photo of them back to back saying "We sold it again!" Maybe?

Lauren Count: One down, three left. And I am really mad because it was my fave Lauren.

The Roseless: Ali, Amber, Bri, Brittane J., Jessica, Lauren J., Nysha, and Olivia

That is my quick recap of night one. It is always a blur of intros and finding out who already hates one another. Can't wait for Monday when I maybe get to learn some of their names before they get the boot. I don't have a clear favorite but there are a few I am liking so far. Who are your tops?!


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