The Bachelor Season 22 Episode 5

I need to be honest with you all. This season just isn't doing it for me. I just cannot get into it for some reason. Am I the only one? I don't know if that means I am growing up and very mature or if Arie is just that boring. Whatever it is, I won't leave you hanging so I am going to keep the recap going though they might just be quick and snide. 


The group is down to 12 and moving to their next exotic location... Ft Lauderdale, Florida! Say whaaaa?! First one on one date goes to Chelsea, also known as Olivia 2.0. Don't remember her? She was the first impression front runner and could be villain that is slowly faded to the back of the pack because she is normal and nice and Krystal is our villain. Now that you are caught up. Let's talk about their yacht and jetski water date which is conveniently located outside the hotel. On the side where the girls are. And they are all watching creepily through a telescope. Thanks for that. Then they head to a one on one dinner and Chelsea talks about her single mom life and snags a rose. Safe for another week!


Meanwhile back at the hotel Maquel returns! So to answer our question from last week. You can have a death in the family, get a break from the drama and camera, go home for a few days, and return - as long as it is out of your control. So we are back to 13 contestants.

Time for the group date. Which is a sign of The Bachelor's shrinking budget. Bowling! Arie says it is because people in Arizona love to do this but I think it is because Bachelor's ratings and funding is at an all time low. The girls are split into two teams and the winning team gets a cocktail party that night! But then once it is all said and done Arie realizes eliminating half the contestants means eliminating women to make out with and says they are ALL invited!


Krystal sees this as an opportunity to throw a fit and win Arie's love. She leaves the cocktail party so Arie will follow her to the hotel. And he does. And they talk. And she thinks she wins. But Arie is like, not so into that. And he heads back to the cocktail party. While Arie is making out with everyone and giving Lil Bekah special attention, Krystal comes back and fights with the girls and leaves without Arie even knowing. And Lauren B. snags the group date rose!

The final one on one date goes to Tia. I personally think she is better suited for Bachelor in Paradise and that she should bail on Arie. Her date. Swampboat. Seems romantic? And right now she is like where is that dang yacht!? At dinner she says she wants out of Arkansas - poor Raven - and she is falling for Arie. And she snags a rose. 


At the cocktail party Krystal comes in fighting. She loves to fight lately. And Arie shows more that he isn't loving it but still gives her the rose. To which she promises to be a real threat to the women. Allllright. Let's wrap this night up.


Lauren Count: Lauren B is still rocking and seems to be moving up in the ranks

The Rose-less: Ashley, Marikh, and Maquel