Another week and this time they really are going somewhere magical. PARIS! Arie, this is a magical travel destination, not South Tahoe...


The ladies arrive in Paris and the first one on one goes to the last standing Lauren. Lauren B., kid, ya made it! This date was a lot of boring talking and awkward convo and Lauren B. being stressed. To the point where it looked like she was going home roseless and then she was like I felt pressure and Arie felt understanding and she got the rose! So, my friends, we still have one remaining with a rose.


Next up was a big group date. The three ladies not invited will be going on a one on one or a two on one and the stress sets in. The ladies on the group date head to meet Arie at Moulin Rouge. They learn to dance. They wear tiny little outfits that would make any human uncomfortable. And they try to woo Arie and the choreographer so they will get some one on one time on stage that night.


But before the rose and stage time is awarded lets have a quick party in which only Lil Bekah, Tia, and Sienne's convos are shown letting us know instantly that they are not the ones going home. Also. Lil Bekah went with studs this date to avoid a finger in the hoop awkward moment. She also snags the rose and stage time even though I think Arie likes Tia better. And the girls are forced to watch them have some special moments on stage.


Back on the house boat the two on one arrives and it is Krystal and Kendall. Also Krystal is wearing some wannabe trendy Oompa Loompah outfit. And she has apparently been preparing for the two on one her whole life and know she will win? Alright. LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!


Kendall and Krystal head to meet Arie at a French chateau and he holds hands with both of them as they tour the ancient house. Then he takes Krystal for a one on one to mend from the previous week's fit and once Krystal feels in the clear she stabs Kendall in the back by saying they aren't in the same boat and Kendall hasn't been in love and is she ready for marriage. And then Arie seems to think Krystal has a valid point and brings it up to Kendall during their one on one chat. Then Kendall tries to analyze why Krystal is who she is and compares her to an ex of hers and it is weird. But Arie isn't ready to make a choice so the akwardness proceeds to dinner. And to start it off Krystal calls Kendall patronizing which is Krystal projecting because that is what she is. And then uses her kitty purrrrrr to try and hypnotize Arie. But it doesn't work and she is left at dinner alone while Kendall and Arie leave to make out atop the Eiffel Tour.


Meanwhile back at the house boat Krystal's luggage is rolled away and the girls pop champagne. 

The last one on one goes to Jacquelyn. About five minutes in their car breaks down. They try to film a selfie video and Jacquelyn is awkward. Then they take off to a store to get fun new clothes and then walk onto the cobble roads and J looks like a baby deer trying to walk in heels. Me thinks she usually wears flats. The rest of the dinner, I will be honest, I tuned out for. Because Adam came down and started making food and I was hungry. But she did snag the rose even though I thought for sure she was going home.


That night at the rose ceremony it was quick and breezy. Three roses left. Two going home. Basically the biggest shocker of all was Chelsea going home over Becca. Because Chelsea was a huge front runner and I actually really learned to love Olivia 2.0. However. It was awkward because then Lauren B. cried about not knowing if she should be there or something. Come on Lauren B. DO IT FOR LAURENS EVERYWHERE!

Lauren Count: Well, we all know. It is Lauren B.

The Roseless: Chelsea and another blond that I honestly cannot remember her name and that is how I knew she was going home....