The Bachelor Season 22: Meet the Ladies

GUESSSSSSS WHAT?! The Bachelor is back. And my blog is back. So that means BLOGGING THE BACHELOR IS BACK! And it is coming back with one of my old faves as the Bachelor. Welcome to the blog Arie. Before we get started - don't forget about The Bachelor Fantasy League - it will be a lot of fun and there may or may not be some prizes for who gets in on this game.... so JOIN MY LEAGUE!


Okay. So. The show starts January 1st. Which means we need to review the contestants first. I have take the time to breeze through all the bios for you. Here are my thoughts and opinions and predictions. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts and feels too! Now LET'S MEET THE LADIES!


Ali // Age: 27 // Occupation: Personal Stylist // Hometown: Lawton OK

First Impression: This girl seems really great and really normal. I can appreciate the fact that she can admit to listening to Nickelback. Because lets be honest, we have all listened to Nickelback whether we want to admit it or not. I am thrown off by NYC being the most romantic city - I don't know what is the most romantic part. The Naked Cowboy? The garbage on the street? Or the steam coming up from the street vents? It is probably the sheer amount of street vendors selling pizza and kabobs. 

Prediction: I am thinking top tenish? Maybe. I liked her and then she got lost in the crowd the more I read.


Amber // Age: 29 // Occupation: Business Owner // Hometown: Denver, CO

First Impression: I was thinking I could like an ambitious business owning woman. But then she said Kim Kardashian for the first of three people she would like to have lunch with dead or alive. Noooooooooo. Please prove me wrong. I could not even finish the bio. No more Kardashians. Please. 

Prediction: She will get through a couple episodes tops.


Annaliese // Age: 32 // Occupation: Event Designer // Hometown: San Mateo, CA

First Impression: Of the physical things she can't live without - they were all food. So I am foreseeing a Chad/Corinne vibe. The girl that enjoys the platter at the cocktail party and cheese pasta. This girl is going to be a good one. Event Designers are usually bold personality paired with a lacked back bio. This one. I think I like her already.

Prediction: Top 6 for this one.


Ashley // Age: 25 // Occupation: Real Estate Agent // Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL

First Impression: Okay. Here is my question... her most hated chore is laundry - so how much do you think she will have to pack for this season on The Bachelor? Like... do you think she will wear the same thing a lot? Guesses? Bets? Tell me! Also. Another vote for NYC as the most romantic. I am not getting this. Maybe I need to visit more?

Prediction: One or two episodes.


Becca K. // Age: 27 // Occupation: Publicist // Hometown: Prior Lake, MN

First Impression: I think she is so beautiful - but she seems uncomfortable in front of the camera a little bit? Her bio is pretty simple. She seems like a great and simple girl - I will be interested to get to know her a little better on the show. 

Prediction: I will be interested to get to know her better but I don't know if she will last longer than a few episodes.


Bekah M. // Age: NA // Occupation: Nanny // Hometown: Fresno, CA

First Impression: I am instantly curious as to why her age is missing? In pageants when girls leave their age of their paperwork it is because they are trying to hide that they just graduated high school because they don't want to prove that they are ready for their job, they want their resume to speak for them. So.. is she trying to hide she just graduated from high school? She is a cute little pixie though!

Prediction: Miiiiight make it through the first night? Maybe not though. Not feeling great about the Nanny.


Bibiana // Age: 30 // Occupation: Executive Assistant // Hometown: Miami, FL

First Impression: Her lob (long bob) is cute. Love it. Okay. I love that this girl is so into her family. Because I feel like the women that can openly admit that and share that are usually a little more reasonably versed when drama arises. They have their family on their mind and they want to represent the people they love well. I do think she will probably be a great faker though. Because she is all about that Miami Dolphins cheer life but hates football. And I don't know about you, but I couldn't have my career be tied to something I hate?

Prediction: I am thinking she will get through to the top 12. Maybe a little more?


Bri // Age: 25 // Occupation: Sports Reporter // Hometown: Grants Pass, OR

First Impression: This girl said she won an Emmy! I love when people post things like that. Because now I want to know more about her achievements and that dang Emmy. Also - you can tell she is very dedicated and loves her job. Everything relates back to sports for her. I think that shows some loyalty.

Prediction: I am putting this one in the top 6. She is a sweet girl. Maybe a little too ambitious for our Arie? But he could dig it.


Brittane J. // Age: 27 // Occupation: Marketing Manager // Hometown: San Diego, CA

First Impression: She has a small tattoo on her finger. I HOPE IT IS A MUSTACHE!!!! That will come in handy during every cocktail party.

Prediction: I want her to last. But I am thinking she might go home the first night.


Brittany T.  // Age: 30 // Occupation: Tech Recruiter // Hometown: Columbia, SC

First Impression: The last two boys she met were on dating apps and she said they were terrible. So she upgraded to a dating TV show and a chance for FAME! Work that top knot girrrrrl. I hope you gain a plethora of Instagram followers.

Prediction: While I wish her luck in growing her IG I am only giving her 4 episodes max.


Caroline // Age: 26 // Occupation: Realtor // Hometown: Holliston, MA

First Impression: She does not have any pets because she needs someone to co-parent with. That is a weird statement to me. I am the first one to say I am a fur mom and love my dog, but I am concerned. If you cannot manage a dog how can you manage a relationship? Because a dog is supposed to be a helpful loving companion. I am confused. Are you confused?

Prediction: I am thinking she might get a night one boot. Sorry Sweet Caroline.


Chelsea // Age: 29 // Occupation: Real Estate Exec. Assistant // Hometown: South Portland, ME

First Impression: She has a strong jawline and shorter blonde hair like Olivia. I hope she channels her inner Olivia and brings in the A game. However, she appears too sweet and kind to be made the villain this season. So I am pulling for her. She is a darling girl.

Prediction: I am giving her to the top 10. Because I think the sweet ones slide through for awhile.


Jacqueline // Age: 26 // Occupation: Research Coordinator // Hometown: Morgantown, WV

First Impression: I don't want to point this out. But is her right eye a little squinty? Maybe a little smaller than the left eye? Okay. That's all.

Prediction: Maybe an episode or two? 


Jenna // Age: 28 // Occupation: Social Media Manager // Hometown: Upland, IN

First Impression: Is she wearing Blu-Red? I think so. Pretty girl. Good basic answers on her bio. I have a feeling she will do well. The bios with the least crazy and bizarre things will usually coast the longest. You got this, Jenna! 

Prediction: I am putting this babe into the top 4!


Jenny // Age: 25 // Occupation: Graphic Designer // Hometown: Northbrook, IL

First Impression: Her biggest fear is picking the wrong person to marry. Which is telling me she is going to be the one that falls in love with Arie really quick and then cries because there are other girls on the show and he is kissing them too. Girl. I am sorry. Do you know how this show works?

Prediction: I am thinking she will get into a few episodes and will stay for the crying factor previously mentioned.


Jessica // Age: 26 // Occupation: Television Host // Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

First Impression: She has my dream job. She lives in Canada. She has great hair. She likes sunflowers. She sounds like someone I would really like to be friends with. I hope Arie likes her too. I would like to see her stick around. And maybe battle Chris Harrison for his job. BATTLE OF THE HOSTS.

Prediction: I am putting her into the top 6. Until Chris realizes she is trying to take his job. And then he will petition to get rid of her earlier. Sorry Arie. You have no powers against Chris.


Kendall // Age: 26 // Occupation: Creative Director // Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA

First Impression: She collects taxidermy.... I hope she brings one when she comes out of the limo. I am feeling a tiny Corrine villain vibe. Thoughts?

Prediction: Let's get her to the 5th episode? Maybe?


Krystal // Age: 29 // Occupation: Fitness Coach // Hometown: Missoula, MT

First Impression: She believes in magic and the country. This is either a front for a girl on a mission to gain a ton of followers or she truly is the normal girl next door that puts a horn on her horse as she rides it through the fields. Live every day as if you own a unicorn.

Prediction: Top 4!


Lauren B. // Age: 25 // Occupation: Tech Salesperson // Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

First Impression: My least fave of the Laurens - because she said T Swift is embarrassing and basic. Sorry not sorry.

Prediction: Bye. Only because I love T Swift.


Lauren G. // Age: 26 // Occupation: Executive Recruiter // Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

First Impression: She is my third favorite Lauren - not because she has any less to offer. But because I think she is not going to mesh with Arie. And she seems like she might have more to offer than what Arie is probably needing.

Prediction: I will give her an episode or two.


Lauren J. // Age: 33 // Occupation: Recent Masters Graduate // Hometown: New Roads, LA

First Impression: Right here is my fave Lauren of the batch. She seems like she has a ton going on and would mesh in well with Arie. I can also appreciate that she is willing to come into a house as one of the older ladies and be ready to fight for a man that is probably a better match for her than most. Get. It Girl. Oh, also, I think she would be willing to move and it will be easy since her occupation is graduating from school? Right?

Prediction: TOP THREE! She might be my winner?


Lauren S. // Age: 31 // Occupation: Social Media Manager // Hometown: Dallas, TX

First Impression: She is my 2nd favorite Lauren. I would pick her first - but I feel like the other Lauren might be a better match. She is my favorite Lauren to be my friend with her love of T Swift and HP. Like girl. Come over. Let's watch the show together!

Prediction: Top 10. Only because I like her so much.


Maquel // Age: 23 // Occupation: Photographer // Hometown: American Fork, UT

First Impression: Do you think she is really a photographer? Or just has a nice camera and decided she is a photographer. She is a really great Utah girl with her "obvi" and #Hangry. I always have a soft spot for my Utah babes. So. I like her. Also. She wears the same hair extensions as me so we are obvi soul sisters. Young for Arie maybe?

Prediction: I could see her being turned into the villain maybe because she is young and probs competitive. That means she will be around for a bit.


Marihk // Age: 27 // Occupation: Restaurant Owner // Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

First Impression: I will be in Salt Lake tomorrow and I will find her restaurant. Also, I like that attitude she is giving in her headshot. I feel like I can picture her saying "uh huh, sure."

Prediction: I could also see her being the villain because LOOK AT THAT STANK EYE! But either way I like her so she is sticking around probably into top 10 at least.


Nysha // Age: 30 // Occupation: Orthopedic Nurse // Hometown: Belton, SC

First Impression: The most outrageous thing she has done is apply to a reality TV show where millions will judge her... soooo I am assuming she is talking about this show? And about this bio that I am currently judging? Whoops. Sorry girl!

Prediction: Sorry to judge you further. But I think you will go home the first night. SORRY!


Olivia // Age: 23 // Occupation: Marketing Associate // Hometown: Geneseo, IL

First Impression: Strange answers in her bio all topped off with a smile emoji. Sorry girl. Not feeling it.

Prediction: Goes home the first night.


Seinne // Age: 27 // Occupation: Commercial Real Estate Manager // Hometown: Long Beach, CA

First Impression: This girl is all about the good life lip gloss and champagne! Everyone else is focusing on family and the proper answer and this girl is all like GIMME DAT LIP GLOSS! My lip gloss is popping and I am going to start life new every new year with loads of champagne.

Prediction: This sassy diva will get through a couple rounds of eliminations.


Tia // Age: 26 // Occupation: Physical Therapist // Hometown: Weiner, AR  

First Impression: This girl is a smoke show. Arie is going to love her. I can see it already She is the brunette version of Emily. And we all know how much the kissing bandit loved Emily. But weird vibe - her best vacay was to a Swingers resort. Awk. I wouldn't announce that.

Prediction: Top three - only because she looks like other smoke shows that go far and seems to have that winner vibe. Which often turns into villain? So villain or winner? Soon we will know!


Valerie // Age: 25 // Occupation: Server // Hometown: Nashville, TN

First Impression: Her bio says server in Nashville which secretly means trying to be a country star in Nashville. And probably an extra on Nashville. I bet she is at the Bluebird every night. 

Prediction: I give her maybe to the top 15?

That is it my friends! My only additional thought before I sign off is there are only TWENTY NINE girls listed above. We don't do odd numbers. Which makes me think some old contestant is going to show up out of the blue to make it an even 30. Maybe Emily? Probably not Emily. But how nuts would that be? 

What do you think? Who are your tops heading into episode one!? Don't forget to join my group for Bachelor Fantasy League and let's get back to the good ol' Bachelor values with Arie. 

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