My Broadway Debut!

Picture this: You get an email that says the following, "Imagine yourself featured on a billboard in the heart of Times Square, New York City!"

Ummmmm - HELLO?!? Do they even know me? 

I didn't have to imagine that hard. In fact, I felt like my face, 8 feet tall, on a live video in Time Square was only the next logical progression in my journey towards world domination! So I, together with my husband Adam, set out to create a video that showed the versatility, staying power, and incredibleness that is Senegence's® LipSense®.

1 rented studio, a couple of hours of our free time, multiple outfit changes, cameos by the two best guys in the biz (my hubby Adam and the amazing Slider pup) and I was sending off my first (and hopefully not my last), and multiple LipSense® applications later, and my submission was sent off. 

Well, our hard work paid off and last week I was notified that our video would be featured THIS WEEK on a billboard in Time Square! If you caught my Facebook LIVE, I'm apologizing now, I think I screamed through my entire announcement. But seriously! TIME SQUARE! 

I'm not going to keep you in suspense any longer! Watch me DAZZLE you with my superior acting skills and multiple outfit changes as I show you just how incredible this crazy thing called LipSense® actually is.

Santa definitely won't have any lipstick rub off on him this year!

Merry Christmas!

XOXO Deidre