Gridlocked and Topped

Something that I have really been trying to focus on in my closet is transitioning my tops from all things cotton to a little bit more grown up fabrics. I always found myself at the store picking out everything made of tee shirt material. Even if they weren’t tee shirts. And then I would complain to Adam about how my closet wasn’t professional enough.  

First I started adding more texturized layering items. And then I started finding fabrics that I like that weren’t tee material. And then I started combining the two... and now I finally feel like a real grown up! 

Romwe Grid Crop Top-2 copy.jpg

Top: Romwe // Duster: Fashion 15

Leggings: Lululemon // Booties: Target

Romwe Grid Crop Top-2.jpg
Romwe Grid Crop Top.jpg
Romwe Grid Crop Top Blouse.jpg
Romwe Grid Crop Top copy.jpg

Okay. So first I need to let you in on a little Romwe secret. This top was under $10. And in fact, they have a lot of darling items for less money. They take popular trends and remake them so we don’t have to break the bank to go shopping. So I was able to try out a few different tops and materials without feeling like I needed to cry myself to sleep. 

I love this gridlocked crop top because it is great for high waisted anything or tucking into skirt. It also looks really cute tied. But for this look I paired it with my high waisted leggings, because I believe leggings are pants. And I matched my duster to my shoes to add in some great camel color. Hair in a braid, hoop earrings in, and LipSense on and I was good to go!  

What is your favorite non-tee shirt material? I am always looking to add more items to my closet! Is there anything I am totally missing out on?