Not Your Grandma's Embroidery

If you've been alive for more than a minute, you've seen the "looks-custom" embellishments that have been popular since someone had the idea to add a little flair to their outfit. Beading, patches, sequins, dying, and bling (specifically one infomercial-hawked “BeDazzler” comes to mind) are all things that have come into vogue at one time or another, and this trend is starting up again  - this time with embroidery.


These new types of embroidery are so well done and have that "handstitched-customization" look that gives each piece its own ornate signature. It says, " It’s personal, it took time, it might be done by hand." But instead of you getting crafty, these pieces are coming ready-to-wear and WOW.


Speaking of embellishments, how good are these booties? The perfect heel height, studs that scream "sophisticated rocker chick", and black goes with everything!


I love this look because it's quintessentially fall. We're at that perfect time of the year where we're not covering up our outfits from head-to-toe with heavy winter jackets so the light jackets we are wearing do a lot of the talking about our personal style! So grab this jacket and wear it with a basic tee or layer it with your favorite comfy hoodie!