Dressing the Bump So Far

24 Weeks in and I haven't had to buy anything quite yet! Here is the thing. I know this is my first one so I will show less and all that, but I still have been trying to shop for things that will last a little longer. I was already a leggings girl, so letting go of my jeans at 21 weeks was not the most devastating thing. As for tops - I have been looking for items that stretch. And a good stretch too. This top has been one of my favorites so far.


Top: Romwe // Leggings: Lululemon // Booties: The Stock Place

So this top I purchased originally to blouse over the top of things, so it was a little looser fitting to start with. But the thing I love about it was that it looked dressy while being a cotton like material so as I have grown I can still wear the top. This will definitely be a get through pregnancy but not through nursing top with the bow - but I have gotten lots of love every time I have worn it!

What sort of transition pieces did you look for when shopping while pregnant?