Adam sat by Deidre and her roommate in Sunday School (aka. The Dating Class). They talked a little and moved on to the next hour of church.


Deidre saw Adam across the bleachers at a BYU football game. She finally got the nerve to walk across the aisle and talk to him. The conversation went like this.

Deidre: Hey! How are you?
Adam: Hey, I am good how are you? (he looked confused)
Deidre: I don't know if you remember me (he obviously didn't) but I sat next to you on church on Sunday...
Adam: I am really sorry, but I don't remember.
Deidre: Well, you actually sat next to my roommate and I was the next seat over... but that is okay, there is a lot of new people. I just thought I would come say hi! Enjoy the football game!
Adam: Well thanks! You have fun too!
Deidre walked away thinking to herself... "I am such an idiot"
As Deidre walked away Adam thought... "That was pretty cool. She is really attractive."


Adam sat next to Deidre in Sunday School, this time on purpose. They talked after class. Then they talked at ward prayer. Then Deidre told Adam she was coming over to show him a YouTube video. Deidre ended up at Adam's talking for an hour. When she tried to go home they talked for another hour on the doorstep. Adam asked for Deidre's phone number.


Adam text Deidre.

Adam came over when Deidre got home from work.

Adam went with Deidre to drop off some mail after FHE.

They sat and talked on the sidewalk for two hours.

Adam asked Deidre on a date.


Breakfast at Kneaders before conference.

Later that night he told Deidre, "I am going to win you!"

And he tried to kiss her... she didn't kiss back.


Deidre kissed Adam.


Deidre needed time to think.


After a lot of discussion and lack of commitment from Deidre, Adam said he didn't want to date anymore.

Deidre said, "I am going to win you back."


Deidre went to Adam's scrimmage.

Deidre's roommate convinced Adam to come to the cornmaze.

They remembered why everything felt so right.

He won her and she won him.


I love you.


He asked.

She said yes.


Married for time and eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple.


Adam drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks.


Moved to Arizona.


Moved to Idaho.


Deidre started working with SeneGence for a discount.


Deidre's SeneGence team hit $1,000,000 making her a Crown Princess in the company.


Deidre quit her full-time job at Boise State to do SeneGence full-time.


Adam retired from baseball temporarily.


Adam retired from baseball officially.


Miller fam is officially growing. The big announcement about Baby Boy Miller.


Sold out first home together and moved into our new family home the town over.


Adam started his new career. Deidre started her time as a high school dance coach.